Vacation Bingo

23 Jul

As I write this, we are flying over NH finally. I say finally because we actually prepared for this flight over 3 hours ago. In true rockstar fashion though our flight was delayed a few hours. It wasn’t delayed until we were on the plane. Then you know, the rules are that they can keep us sitting on the plane for an hour or so before they have to let us off. Andddd they did.

Now we are headed to Chicago for the first leg of the trip. Sadly we are not sure where or when we will be headed next since we already missed BOTH our connecting flights to Montana. United Air wonderfully pleasant ticketing agent tells me as we reboard the plane- “I dont know if your flights were rebooked. You need to either stay here in NH and I will rebook you within 48 hours or you can just “wing it” and get on the plane”.

I did not appreciate the pun.

Go us!

Well now I write at approximately 4pm Mountain Time as I sit in my billings bed bug hotel of which I will not name. We have a full belly (thank you Applebees) and we are ready to drive around and get to know the local scenary maybe pop in a few stores. I have to tell you, there is alot to see here for someone who has never left the east coast (other than Vegas but c’mon that does not count).  We will only be here overnight. We have to buy towels and some sundries we refused to pay for with large luggage fees. Not to forget the cooler for our road sodas!! Anyway will check in tomorrow.


Incidentally, if I were playing vacation bingo, i would have already won.


The Skinny on Baggage.

18 Jul

There is always so much to do the week before any vacation. I think the week before a vacation where you are flying and then driving everywhere can be even more to do than normal. Not only do I have to consider the flight, hotel etc but I also have to consider driving and then camping.

Borrowed from the Polyvore website:

Yesterday while I was double checking our flights (4 of them!!) to Montana, I noticed a separate (and very small) note about extra fees that United charges for baggage. I guess I don’t really mind the additional $30 for extra bags but what got me was the $100-$175 that they want to tack on if your bag is “oversize”. Dude, what? After about 20 minutes of searching I found the definition of what over size is. I actually saw TWO different descriptions. Not only do they slam you for a bag that is larger than normal, but they will slam you for a bag that is too heavy. That means don’t pack any warm clothing because it will put your suitcase over the allotted 40 (or 50 depends on where you look) pounds.

Number two was on and off the scale about 300 times yesterday holding my bags to ensure that I could get on the flight without having to pay up to $300 extra for the baggage weight. Not sure how we are going to get it home butI will have to be super careful with all the gifts I buy.

Stupid Airlines.

5 days to go.


13 Jul

This is really cool. I can update daily (or so) on where we have been, including photographs of our locations! The itinerary is something like this:


Montana —> Wyoming —> Idaho —> Wyoming —> Colorado —> Nebraska —> Wyoming —> South Dakota —> Home

This is something like 1,300 miles over 10 days which is as follows:

Day One: flying no driving MT

Day Two: 155 miles – about 2 hours 59 minutes (uhhh 3 hours) WY!

Day Three: 150 miles- about 3 hours 20 minutes (lets note the fact that its less miles but more time here shall we?) Grand Teton’s! ID

Day Four: Zero Day ID

Day Five: 208 miles – about 4 hours 1 minute (yeah take that minute and add it to day two) WY

Day six: 314 miles – 5 hours 16 minutes (lets also note that this is driving clean across Wyoming CO

Day Seven: Zero Day CO

Day Eight: 184 Miles – About 3 hours 8 minutes NE

Day Nine: 241 miles – 4 hours 17 minutes WY

Day Ten: 108 Miles – 1 hour 52 mins SD

Roughly 16 hours driving.



12 Jul

I am testing the windows live writer to help me post to multiple places while Number One and I are on our safari.

I Rode My Bike Today!

11 Jul

The gas powered one, but since you mentioned it, I did actually take out the other one yesterday. In an effort to NOT turn this blog into one of those angsty fat lady trying to get thin blogs I have not been mentioning my TORTUROUS battle with weightloss here but let’s just say that it has not been simple. I am 40 (now) and I quit smoking 2 years ago. I drink too much diet soda. And last but certainly not least, I eat too much. (girlfriend is a stress eater).Ganked from

So yesterday, in an effort (no matter how small), I got on my bicycle and rode a total of 2.82 miles in 89degree weather. It wasn’t pretty folks. Not the bike, no the bike is awesome with a basket and everything. It was not pretty seeing me, the new fat chick, on a bike wobbling, huffing and puffing for 2.82 miles! When I got home, my face was so red I looked like a lobster buoy bobbing in the Atlantic. What ever, I did it.

Imagine my surprise when a whole weekend of watching what I eat (it took me a long time to realize that did not mean literally WATCHING), and a sweaty bike ride hailed me no results. I guess I need to can the soda (ha) and continue with my trips to the gym, my 5k runs, and my sweaty bike rides and perhaps I should stop eating so flipping much. 🙂

Stay tuned to see my weight loss. PLUS: We are only 10 days away from the Road Trip From Hell.

Share this.

1 Jul

SO #1 is having a hard time with her day and with being 18 (this means that she is responsible for herself and has to do things for herself).  Yesterday she tells me during her hard day, that she has to go to the doctor for a problem. I tell her “call them and go”.

About 30 minutes after her scheduled appointment I get the following text from her:


#1: Oh shit I just got pulled over for accidentally missing a stop sign.

me: are you getting a ticket? which stop sigh

#1: The one in front of the doctors office FML – probably ticket.

me: … um…

me: Isn’t that stop sign in front of THE POLICE STATION?


So no need to share her groveling at this point, you know how it goes. I swear the child wanders around in her life with her eyes slammed shut. When quizzed later she stated she was looking at the set of lights (100 yards away from the stop sign). A frustrated husband explains to her that she drove through an intersection looking at another one that she had the potential for hitting someone, and possibly even killing them. So this posting is kind of funny because well she got nabbed in front of the police station and hell that is funny. But it is not funny either because really who wants to share the road with that?


Thelma and Louise?

30 Jun

So in a few weeks, me and #1 will betaking our last hoorah trip.

We start in Billings MT and make a “U” through Wyoming, Colorado, and end in Rapid City SD. We are flying to Billings and then driving the whole rest of the way. It will be exciting and probably very annoying. The only way I can get through it is with blogging.

I know I have not been blogging. Sometimes the seasons and life just sneak right up on ya and take away the time you thought you had to do things that you enjoy. I dig blogging, its the way that I release shit into the universe and get it off of my shoulders.

Please expect to see much more from me and #1 on our trip.