Driving in Automatic

2 Sep

Today after lunch (which consisted of devouring yet another book on my nook, a bagel and 2 cigarettes)  I was in my car, driving back to my office looking out the window.  This in itself is not unusual and really neither is what I am about to tell you. I was motoring along at about 40 and the truck gave me it’s usual signal to shift. I shifted gears from what my brain thought was 2nd to 3rd (yes i know i was going 40, wait for it) but what I really did was shift from 4th to 5th gears. I realized at that moment a few things. One – I didn’t need to shift into 5th gear because at 40, I was already speeding, and Two – I do this all the time.

Not shifting blindly, although I suppose you do shift a manual transmission without thinking, but the actual act of doing something in life without even realizing it. How many hours, days, years of our lives are spent doing things automatically and not really experiencing what is going on? How often do you drive to work half asleep or think back to an event and have no recollection of the majority of it? How much of life and love do we take for granted?

I know there is the occasional wake up and I probably will go right back to who I was yesterday without even realizing it but for the above reasons, I am going to attempt to APPRECIATE SOMETHING every day of my life. Even if it is just one thing. The way a breeze brushes your hair, or the sun on your face. I feel like it is super important to EXPERIENCE it. Maybe one day it will all be gone. Since I haven’t the slightest idea or inclination what lies beyond this particular existence, I don’t want to take it for granted at all, cuz its the shit yo 😉



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