A Special Kind of Hell…

29 Jul


The last 2 days have been such a blur. To start with, we got up super early yesterday morning and headed on the road for our 5 hour trek across the state of wyoming with the goal of getting to Rock springs which was just about half way to Estes Park Colorado. We were halfway there and I decided that I just could not do another bed bug motel so I called and cancelled our room and got us a great room at the cutest/cheesiest hotel ever. The Little America hotel in none other than Little America was like a oasis to us with its spotlessly clean pool, meticulously manicured lot and the very clean rooms. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? It’s kitschy because the room was originally decorated circa 1975.  I think actually the entire state of Wyoming is stuck in the 70’s judging by the style of just about every place we have been in.  Honestly though, it has been the nicest stay we’ve had thus far so if you find yourself in the middle of the high desert Wyoming, seek it out.


Then this morning, with much grog, we hoisted our expanding and exhausted asses out of bed and back on the road at about 8am. We were on the road until about 3pm. At around 12:30, we entered Colorado and our spirits lifted with the landscape. I think there is a certain beauty about the desert but after so many hours of the same sagebrush, it was a welcome change to finally start seeing mountains in the distance.


As a side note let’s discuss gassing up shall we? We rented a very reasonable Nissan Sentra that gets outstanding gas mileage compared to my FJ Cruiser (I love that frigging truck so hush). The problem I seem to be having is this: EVERY freaking time I try to fill the tank, whether it be top off the tank because who knows how long it will take for us to get to another gas station, or filling from almost empty, EVERY TIME I do this the fuel doesn’t just automatically stop when the tank fills up. It actually OVERFRIGGING FLOWS all over the side of the car and on a few occasions, my flip-flopped clad foot. This is not okay.

Let me just say that our stay in Estes Park so far has been a outstanding pleasure. We rented a KOA Deluxe Kabin and we are very happy with it so far! The town is full of shopping and reasonably priced food. We headed into the park for a quick drive too, at about 12,000 feet, when I thought I was going to die of a heart attack from lack of oxygen, we turned around and headed to town for some high elevation noshing. Seriously folks, don’t try to light a cigarette at 12,000 feet because you told someone you would smoke one for them up on the highest drivable peak. It’s just not going to happen.

IMG_1533  IMG_1513 IMG_1507


Tomorrow I surprised Number One with a breakfast horseback ride for 2 hours in the park. I am sure once she stops being pissed off that I had to wake her before 7am, she will

be thrilled at riding in the morning hours. After that, we will eat and then take a short EASY hike in the park. I am sure there will be many pictures and stories for me to tell then. Now, I rest. Oh and besides Miami Ink is on in a few minutes. A girl has her priorities!


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