Get Me Off this Big Volcano! (day 2 and 3)

26 Jul

Sunday morning, bright and shiny early Number One and I jumped into the rental car and enthusiastically headed towards Wyoming for the second day of our very busy itinerary. We rented a budget cabin at Old Faithful in Yellowstone for 1 night and one night only and we wanted to take in as much as the park as we could. We stopped when we felt like it and we saw whatever our hearts desired. Complete with Bison, Elk, Deer and some other stuff too.

The budget cabins were great and nestled in between old faithful and some other boiling sulfur spraying earth gas hole. Other than the elevation making us unable to catch our breath, the stay was quite lovely. The stars are amazing out here! Its the people that make the stay unbearable (PUN!) with pulling over and literally chasing down elk to get the better picture. Hey ahole thanks for scaring the wildlife, next time I hope she turns around and tramples your behind. I also had a really hard time with the amount of people there were. It was actually shocking. You literally had to share space with hundreds of people to see Old Faithful go off. Since I have had a hell of a time adjusting to the time zone, I actually got up at zero dark thirty and watched the eruption with 2 other people. Now THAT was neat.

Before bed, a wayward baby squirrel chased Number One around the parking area for the cabin’s which really was worth it. No, I didn’t try to help her.

This morning we headed down towards the tetons and Jackson Hole WY. Jackson Hole was another touristy ridden hell hole. I mean its beautiful and fun but then someone cuts you off or is rude and it just takes away from the experience for me.

Now we are in Idaho, in the middle of nowhere Idaho. no crowds, the Tetons are outside of my very inexpensive bed bug special and I have wireless and a full belly. I have to say this place is gorgeous but I couldn’t live here. It isn’t that the town is rural, it’s the dryness and the lack of trees that really gets me.  Its a fantastic place to visit, that’s for sure but I wont be writing my husband with a future home suggestion today.


IMG_1425 IMG_1329


2 Responses to “Get Me Off this Big Volcano! (day 2 and 3)”

  1. stevebetz July 26, 2011 at 3:57 PM #

    Such a beautiful area — if it wasn’t for the people!! 🙂 We went through a couple of years ago — and the amazing thing is if you get a quarter mile off the trail, you’re all by yourself. Most folks won’t get out of view of their car.

    I agree about Jackson Hole — I loved the Tetons and hiking in that area, but that town was a big disappointment.

    • middleofthebed July 26, 2011 at 11:21 PM #

      You’re right, if you get out of the car and walk one of the geyser loops like at Old faithful, you barely run into anyone. Try to get a look at the Elk on the side of the road though and its like paparazzi chasing Elvis Presley. Very disrespectful really. I have to admit that we have not done much hiking, just some of the loops. My daughter is not much of an exerciser lol. Lucky thing her metabolism hasnt quit … yet!

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