13 Jul

This is really cool. I can update daily (or so) on where we have been, including photographs of our locations! The itinerary is something like this:


Montana —> Wyoming —> Idaho —> Wyoming —> Colorado —> Nebraska —> Wyoming —> South Dakota —> Home

This is something like 1,300 miles over 10 days which is as follows:

Day One: flying no driving MT

Day Two: 155 miles – about 2 hours 59 minutes (uhhh 3 hours) WY!

Day Three: 150 miles- about 3 hours 20 minutes (lets note the fact that its less miles but more time here shall we?) Grand Teton’s! ID

Day Four: Zero Day ID

Day Five: 208 miles – about 4 hours 1 minute (yeah take that minute and add it to day two) WY

Day six: 314 miles – 5 hours 16 minutes (lets also note that this is driving clean across Wyoming CO

Day Seven: Zero Day CO

Day Eight: 184 Miles – About 3 hours 8 minutes NE

Day Nine: 241 miles – 4 hours 17 minutes WY

Day Ten: 108 Miles – 1 hour 52 mins SD

Roughly 16 hours driving.



2 Responses to “Testing”

  1. stevebetz July 13, 2011 at 12:18 AM #

    Wow — what a great trip! The Beloved and I took a 1-way tour like that several years ago from Central Minnesota to Glacier and then down to Tetons. Gorgeous!

    • middleofthebed July 13, 2011 at 1:18 AM #

      I am worried about the amount of driving because she can’t drive the rental (at least not when anyone is looking). I hope that the interesting and very different terrain will keep me engaged!!!

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