I Rode My Bike Today!

11 Jul

The gas powered one, but since you mentioned it, I did actually take out the other one yesterday. In an effort to NOT turn this blog into one of those angsty fat lady trying to get thin blogs I have not been mentioning my TORTUROUS battle with weightloss here but let’s just say that it has not been simple. I am 40 (now) and I quit smoking 2 years ago. I drink too much diet soda. And last but certainly not least, I eat too much. (girlfriend is a stress eater).Ganked from http://www.toonsup.com/users/m/mark/

So yesterday, in an effort (no matter how small), I got on my bicycle and rode a total of 2.82 miles in 89degree weather. It wasn’t pretty folks. Not the bike, no the bike is awesome with a basket and everything. It was not pretty seeing me, the new fat chick, on a bike wobbling, huffing and puffing for 2.82 miles! When I got home, my face was so red I looked like a lobster buoy bobbing in the Atlantic. What ever, I did it.

Imagine my surprise when a whole weekend of watching what I eat (it took me a long time to realize that did not mean literally WATCHING), and a sweaty bike ride hailed me no results. I guess I need to can the soda (ha) and continue with my trips to the gym, my 5k runs, and my sweaty bike rides and perhaps I should stop eating so flipping much. 🙂

Stay tuned to see my weight loss. PLUS: We are only 10 days away from the Road Trip From Hell.


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