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1 Jul

SO #1 is having a hard time with her day and with being 18 (this means that she is responsible for herself and has to do things for herself).  Yesterday she tells me during her hard day, that she has to go to the doctor for a problem. I tell her “call them and go”.

About 30 minutes after her scheduled appointment I get the following text from her:


#1: Oh shit I just got pulled over for accidentally missing a stop sign.

me: are you getting a ticket? which stop sigh

#1: The one in front of the doctors office FML – probably ticket.

me: … um…

me: Isn’t that stop sign in front of THE POLICE STATION?


So no need to share her groveling at this point, you know how it goes. I swear the child wanders around in her life with her eyes slammed shut. When quizzed later she stated she was looking at the set of lights (100 yards away from the stop sign). A frustrated husband explains to her that she drove through an intersection looking at another one that she had the potential for hitting someone, and possibly even killing them. So this posting is kind of funny because well she got nabbed in front of the police station and hell that is funny. But it is not funny either because really who wants to share the road with that?



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