The last 5

3 Jun

6.  I can’t live in once place very long without thinking about the next place. Since I graduated high school, this last stretch is the   longest I have ever lived anywhere. The only reason I stay is for husband.

7.  I have been running in 5k’s now for 6 months. I use the term RUNNING loosely because it is more like a run, gag, walk, run, gag walk repeating pattern. I hate it and still continue to sign myself up for them.

8.  I hate the sound of high heals on tile. I wish they would be outlawed at work because I dont want to hear them all day long

9.   I feel like my family is always living on the edge of dysfunction and depression diseases. All 4 of us.

10.  I never feel like I belong anywhere, maybe that is why I move around so much.


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