Only 1 more mile to go!

2 Jun

I know that I have not been around alot and for that I am super sorry but I told you in the beginning that this thing will have its own ebb and flow. The new weather change here in New England has allotted for many hours spent outside. Outside is not conducive for good blogging you see as it is OUTSIDE and the eventual need for wireless internet and electricity are thwarted rapidly.

This last weekend we (the girls) had another hike. We are not experts at this, and when I say that I mean we are almost dangerously stupid. We had one in jeans, one in shorts, one in a skirt and none with a map or any information about the mountain for which we were going to master. We decidedly got up early, got in my truckster and headed to Sunapee mountain for a Moderate hike. What we had not planned on was the new 90 degree weather to hit at that exact moment. I am certainly not in the shape to hike a mountain in 90 degree weather. No matter how much I think I am. Nevertheless I trucked up that mountain like a champ (for at least 15 minutes) it did not take long for the fun hike to turn into a death march. We were swarmed with black flies and overheated. We got to Lake Solitude about 1.5 miles in, it was great but some jackasses had camped along side of the lake and had their “toilet” right off trail. Piles of toilet paper aside, that was great.

We headed up the mountain and about .4 miles later reached a ledge that had several other people on it. We stood on the ledge at the lovely view turned around and decided to not have our lunch on the “summit” due to the bugs swarming our heads and the masses of humans standing on the rock face.

Down we went faster faster. AT one point I reached into my bag and just started savagely tearing away at my sandwich while we walked. We made it safely down the mountain with a round trip total of about 3.5 hours.

Later, I downloaded some pictures and went online to research this mountain we mastered. Things just stopped adding up, people were discussing their 5 hour hikes, the SNACK BAR that is on the top of the mountain (its a ski mountain) and some other things that made no sense. WIth a little more investigating, it was discovered that we did not make it to the top of the mountain and had yet another MILE to go!!! (incidentally I didnt inform the others of this, I am afraid they will make me hike it again.) It was beautiful, outdoors and not snowing so all in all it was a good time and I will have to keep this one to myself for a bit.

the end.


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