5 of 10 Facts about Me!

27 May

Ready? Set? Go!

  1. I cannot sleep unless there is a fan on, yet I can’t sleep when I hear snoring.
  2. I wore a loose fitting mini skirt one time and when to the bathroom. I came out and walked down the hall in a public place with the back of the mini skirt tucked into my skirt. I no longer wear full underwear with skirts.
  3. I am addicted to Afrin nose spray. Hey a girl likes to have a clear nose.
  4. I love to be on top of mountains and although I do not enjoy hiking up the mountain, I would never like being on top of a mountain you can drive up. (yeah see? batshit crazy)
  5. I hate bandaids. I dont like the way they feel on me. They are sticky and unless its stuck to a part of my body that I will be able to ignore (like the back of a leg) I don’t normally keep the bandaid on very long.

To be continued…


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