The beater’s busted.

19 May

I have to say, sometimes I feel like my partner is working against me. He is really big on teaching the kids to take care of themselves so he is less likely to help. EVEN if that means trouble for us in the form of having to pick up the slack. This morning #1’s car broke down (again) and its at a really bad time for me. I have a 5k tonight for cancer with my son, she has to work at 4. This weekend she has a 4am shift (ew) that I don’t want to drive her to (who would). So in my head, I feel like a graduation present of a car loan is a good thing. Get the kid a decent car so she can work/go to school and become a human. Although it’s money for me to spill monthly, it isn’t that much really and I think at this time I can handle it.

I am at a loss really. I dont know how to get through TODAY with this issue. The car we got her was never intended to be a forever car, it was only $2500. She drives like a bat out of hell and occasionally (read: always) shifts before the car is stopped so the transmission is more slippery than a greased up gorilla on a telephone pole.

Anyway, I have a 5k tonight with #2 and hopefully will be able to run it. I am going to grow webbed feet with all this rain and may end up swimming the race ;).


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