Entry #3,456,897

12 May

When #1 was little all she wanted was this game called Pretty Pretty Princess where you would have to sit around a table and based on the game wear various jewels and accoutrements. There was a black ring and tiara’s. I forget the point of the game really because #1 is currently 18 and some of the things I stored in my brain had to go in order to remember other things.

Anyway, I was a stay home mom and my ex husband was a police officer working crazy hours so occasionally as relief to my brain, I would have people over to have a few cocktails and just hang out.

When the kids were in bed one night, we pulled out the pretty pretty princess game and managed some new rules to the game. In the end, we turned it into a pretty bad ass drinking game. I wish I could find one of  the many incriminating photographs of us as a bunch of drunk people playing this child’s game so that I could enter myself into the Mother of the Year.


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