10 May

Before I even start this, let me just state for the record that yes, I understand that this whole thing may be his way of managing me but if not, then that means something really exciting may actually happen in my life in just a few short years.

The background is this, I have always loved the winter, winter sports, snow, cold, and cooler temperatures. I live in New England so for the most part mother nature around here is obliging my loves. I usually tell people that I am geographically well placed. My husband has always had the same love, in fact, he was married the first time in Alaska (our wedding was in the Caribbean though lol). Together we frequently watch things like Alaska State Troopers, Wild in Alaska, Northern Exposure and any other TV show that showcases that area of our country. We have tossed around a lot of “what if’s” over the last years but my husband is a real home body so I knew nothing would ever come of it.

Then I posted this a few weeks ago explaining what I really wanted in life but knew that it was far fetched and unrealistic.

I am actually pretty happy to say that things have changed. Husband and I are very lucky to have one another. We always have (and always will) had the same interests and same feelings about things. We are best friends so I guess I should not have been surprised to find out that he knew I was unhappy where we were but did not know how to fix it. You see we OWN the house we live in. There is a long story that goes with this, but the short version is that we have no mortgage, so why would we choose to have one? In this economy “free” housing is a miracle!  When we started the conversation it started out like all other “what if” convo’s in the past but morphed into something that was actually workable.

We are waiting until our youngest is out of high school and then basically we are going to rent somewhere else for a year to see if it is what we want. If we decide to stay where we are, then we will pack up and sell things at home. If we don’t, we haven’t lost anything. You see, we both work in industries that can be done anywhere and can bring our jobs (if not our positions) with us. So in 3 years, we are possibly going to take off to AK to try out our lives. In the mean time, we have opened up a savings account and we are both putting a certain amount into that weekly. At the end of 3 years, we should have enough to cover our rent for that year!

It is a genius plan really (and I realize, not at all funny)!


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