9 May

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

#1 had her Skid School this past weekend that Husband and I purchased for her 18th birthday in hopes to improve her otherwise lacking driving skills. There were a few down sides to this plan of ours. First, she didn’t really want skid school for her birthday and secondly she is petrified to drive anywhere that she doesn’t know exactly how to get there or at least has someone with her that can help her navigate. Her lack of direction is partially her problem. Her other problem is her lack of focus and attention. I highly doubted that 8 hours driving around a track was going to help her gain the last two, but definitely had hopes that forcing her outside her comfort zone would help her gain some confidence.

This really could have gone either way, especially since what I think she really wanted for her 18th was a tattoo. Somehow I managed to avoid that without ever saying no (that right there has got to advance me to some upper level of parenting). The report back that was received was that she had fun and she may have even learned something (although the actual thing learned is still up in the air at this time). All of this is happening just in time for #2 to start learning how to drive (he is officially 15 1/2 next week and he continually reminds us that at that exact moment, he will be legal to drive with a parent).

I am not sure if she forgives me for getting her such a boring and unusual 18th birthday gift, if she had fun and really enjoyed it, or  that since it was also mother’s day weekend she felt obligated to just suck it up but, she proudly displayed her completion certificate. As an added bonus, she successfully navigated her way to a place that she was unfamiliar and as a side effect may have grown up just a smidge in the process!


2 Responses to “Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch!”

  1. stevebetz May 9, 2011 at 3:32 PM #

    Sounds like a much better present than a tattoo — but then again I have almost 30 years of hindsight on being 18 and realizing how NOT smart I was… 🙂

    • middleofthebed May 10, 2011 at 2:23 AM #

      Isn’t this funny? Those not smart moments are actually some of my most sacred and precious moments. I mean what was I thinking? right? ha!

      I think she wanted something rather than nothing and well even though what we gave her is a skill that may actually save her life someday… Now that it is over there is like nothing tangible. She has not broken that superficial boundary yet.

      Also, I shouldn’t be allowed to respond to posts in the evening. Just saying ha ha ha! Still, I am finding myself very fond of you and have to respond!

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