Information here and there?

3 May

Here is some information regarding some of my more recent posts because I know you have been sitting on the EDGE OF YOUR SEATS waiting for the updates 🙂

The tooth fairy is coming tonight!

Husband finally got to the dentist last week and was informed that he needed to have 3 wisdom teeth out. Three? Really? I mean since you are in there, why not get rid of the fourth and call it a day? Please grant me patience.

Spent four years prostrate to the higher mind…

The #1 College Saga continues. I have incredible amounts of guilt because I am Italian and her mother but I cannot help with her college education. Add to that, I don’t think she really is ready or wants to go and I believe right down to my toes she is doing this because her father wants her to… I am just not going to be part of creating a $30,000 hole for my daughter to climb into. NO news on if he will help her. I highly doubt he will.

Mother of the Year!

Yesterday I sent a text message to my ex husband that said something like this “you should find a coming class for Andrew to take this summer, I bet he would enjoy that”. I have a droid, I swype, I don’t proofread. Awesome. (Fine this isn’t an update but still felt like you should know. Sue me.)

Middle of the Couch?

I have extreme insomnia, which causes extreme anxiety at bed time. Add to that fun little equation that my husband snores a lot since he has put on weight and you get yourself a night owl my friends. A couch sleeping night owl. Fun stuff. My dog and I on the couch. Excellent.

Belly Button’s

Seriously did you see that thing? I feel like EVERY time I do an update to my blog it should be mentioned so that someone can help me clear up the unanswered question of “why is Kate Gosselin’s belly button in the wrong place?” .


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