Yeah I totally screwed myself here

27 Apr

When our puppy was born, I already had 2 dogs. To give you the honest truth, those 2 dogs equaled about 340lbs of dog, so you can imagine when the breeder contacted me and told me she was breeding a litter that was PERFECT for obedience competition, what my husband’s first words were? Can you? Right, so after much manipulation on my part and confessions of a life time longing to show a dog in obedience (which, admittedly, was a partial truth) he was joyously accepting of the new addition.

That was a year ago. Back then I was all about talking. I was going to compete in this show and that show and we were going to win this and that. Next year in June we are going to be on the show circuit! Look out for us! We started obedience training at the dog school, we have been faithfully attending school weekly and working diligently with him. (do you believe that?) Now that June is around the corner we are eager to join the competition and make his big debut! We are confidently and excitedly awaiting that day.

And here is the part where I tell the truth.


Its Almost June? are you shitting me? Why is it almost June?


So yesterday I signed him up for that previously smack talked show and I know the little bastard is going to DQ. I don’t even know why I am considering doing this. I know he has no control over his excitement and joy when there is other dog’s around. Why would I expect him to chill out for this? ITS A DOG SHOW! HE WAS BRED FOR THIS!

I am totally screwed. I have to do this. I sort of wanted to for like 2 years now. lol.

Now I am worried, I am attending school and the trainer is shaking her head. I heard her CLICK HER TONGUE last week. You know that sound? I hate that sound.


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