Mundane and boring… move along

25 Apr

Weekend is over and all I got out of the deal was another haircut and 1 good night sleep which technically was part of the weekend but it was actually last night. Since most of us call the weekend over effective with bedtime on Sunday I am not sure where to categorize that one. You tell me.

The kids are gone to VA or some such craziness with my ex husband and his wife. From what I understand they drove down there which to me is more foolish than brave. I know how it went though #1 slept, and #2 worried about being carsick the entire ride and then add in step monster being a rag and my ex being about as much fun to talk to as a bar of soap, good times my friends. Good times.  I guess I should not complain since there was a while there that he only saw them on Saturday’s for 3 hours while he took them to lunch and the zoo.  They were small and of course, do not remember that. I am still the villan!

Did some gardening though, not the flowery kind, the foody kind. We started our seeds super early this year which is turning out to be a mistake. I have a grape vine in my laundry room that is threatening the integrity of the house. Tomatoes look good but are getting ‘leggy’ because they need real sunshine and not just grow lights.

I guess from a weekend standpoint, this one is not very exciting and I probably should have just let it go and not written about it, but you maybe should have some access to all of my life, even the mundane and boring parts.

Ok caffeine must be had and maybe a little twitter.


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