Sometimes you feel like a nut…

20 Apr

A couple months ago, I went nuts on the Burpee seed website. You have to understand, it snowed often this winter and it wasn’t just an inch or two. When it snowed, it dumped 8 inches of heavy wet snow every time. The worst part was the temperatures stayed so low that the snow didn’t go away. At one point I think we had over 3 1/2 feet in my back yard that only just now has disappeared. So when I got the Burpee seed catalog in FEBRUARY I was pretty excited to imagine anything green at that point. It was UNFAIR MARKETING if you ask me. Taking advantage of the poor and snowbound. They have also since improved their website to make it easier to overbuy. WHAT KIND OF RACKET ARE THEY RUNNING HERE???

I got the usual tomato seed and cuke seed etc and to be honest, I think I spent a ridiculous amount of money on seeds. Like $90 or something ( I have since blacked that out thank you).  IN true Burpee fasion, the seeds were delivered promptly and safely.  We live in a climate where starting the seeds is super important so they have been started and are currently under grow lights in the basement. (side note: my 15 year old was asking alot of questions about the grow lights, should I be concerned or proud?) All of my seeds are started or waiting for the proper timing to put directly into the ground (hello corn, I love you) so imagine my surprise when I got this:

Ok what the fuck did I purchase from Burpee seeds three months ago that weighs 1.7 pounds and needs to be delivered separately than the seeds I have already planted?
I am a little excited for tomorrow to see what my crazy purchased and also a little nervous.


One Response to “Sometimes you feel like a nut…”

  1. middleofthebed April 22, 2011 at 12:17 PM #

    If you are curious. I apparently ordered Rhubarb and potato seeds. They are here now and I haven’t the slightest idea of what to do with them.

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