As To Not Disappoint…

19 Apr

The #1 Birthday Saga continues.

When we last left our heroine, she was wondering what prizes would be bestowed upon her #1 child on her 18th birthday…

So it was even worse then I originally anticipated actually. I got to have a front row seat via her facebook. That particular child  uh… adult… has yet to learn that posting her every move on facebook is not the greatest idea (says the one who is posting all this on her blog). The Saturday evening began with a white super stretch limo to take her, her brother, father, step monkey, cousin, aunts, brother and grandmother to the Top of the Hub in Boston for a dinner celebration. Reported from #2, who aspires to be a chef, the steak was overpriced and well done. The gifts were none other than Pandora charms and $100. None of which is going to get her through college, help her with her car or in any way, shape or form are useful.

I do have to give them credit for consistency though. They have consistently given useless gifts that are in no way shape OR form helpful to the children at all. I shouldn’t be shocked. I mean Pandora charms may be helpful at college if she needs to pawn something to get money for BOOKS. I should not be worried, it’s not like she will actually be GOING to college since #1 has procrastinated herself right into a “final notice” letter from her school. She has yet to apply for financial aid. No matter how many times I tell her that the money does run out… she still waited until the last 2 weeks.

Well tune in next time when we hear all about the $50 gift certificate to Victoria Secret inappropriately given to her from her Uncle…


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