Happy Birthday — Here’s your shoes.

15 Apr

Yesterday #1 turned 18. I think she was disappointed because at the exact hour that she turned 18, there were no firecrackers or bands. In fact, there was even a comment that went a little something like this: “yeah well we never do anything for my birthday so I am not disappointed”. Wait… what?  Overall it was a good day, she went out with her friends for ice cream and we presented her with her fantastic gift: a pair of sneakers and 1 day at skid school. Neither of those things were over the top I think. I am a fabulous gifter.


Image borrowed from http://giftideas180.com/

My ex husband is an idiot (hence ex) and every birthday/Christmas/holiday he goes crazy and gets them the most useless and ridiculous thing in the store. For example, 2 Christmases ago #1 tells me she HAS TO HAVE Uggs. The really great kind that cost $180. At the time of the request, she was 15 and some months. After mulling it over, I came to the startling realization that spending that much money on a 15 year old’s shoes was a ridiculous waste of money. Keep in mind, I had already bought her other gifts that included a lap top for school work. I explained to her sad little disappointed head on Christmas morning, that I was more practical than that. That she should be happy to have gotten a lap top because there are thousands of kids in the Appalachians that are still doing their school work on slate… She went to her fathers and came back later that weekend with a shiny new pair of Uggs. Of course she did! He does this every time. For Christmas this year, we got the budding artist who is supposedly going to art school for photography… a camera. HE got her a Pandora bracelet with all the charms for THE SAME PRICE.

I am certain that he will save this birthday for her when she sees him tomorrow. Since she is a terrible driver and has totaled her car TWICE in the 18 months that she has had it, I am sure he will get her something that she needs right? Maybe a few bucks towards a new vehicle? Maybe a new laptop for college?

I wont leave you hanging, as soon as I find out, I am sure that will turn into a whole new blog post.


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday — Here’s your shoes.”

  1. cutefatgirl April 15, 2011 at 9:55 PM #

    What a jack-ass. At least he is an ex.

    Remember 18 is the pinnacle of ungrateful, this too shall pass.

    • middleofthebed April 16, 2011 at 9:24 PM #

      I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what it was that she received. Judging by her facebook update it started with a limo.

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