I can’t get any sleep omg I am … wait… what?

14 Apr

I have been really working hard to lose weight. Ok, that is probably a white lie. I have been working out a lot compared to how much I worked out before ( more than not at all ).  I was using RunKeeper for a while to track my running which is pretty awesome but it wasn’t enough really to log all of the information that I needed to log. After some (read: not a lot) research, I discovered fitbit. Fitbit tracks everything I do with a step counter as well as my sleep. The second I realized it tracks your sleep I was hooked. I mean hi, have you met me? I don’t sleep. When I do sleep it is quite often on the couch because my husband snores like an old miner with a head cold.

The thing is though I think you get more sleep than you actually think you do. Like you blow it all out of proportions and suddenly a crappy night’s sleep that was really 5 hours turns into “I GOT NO SLEEP AT ALL LAST NIGHT AND I AM DYING!” Then you carry on all day like a zombie unnecessarily and whine at any given moment. What? You don’t do that? Weird.  I shelled out $100 to get this little gadget that will not only help determine really how much I sleep, and wake up, but it will also track how far I go every day because I am super active.

Other than discovering that I am really not that active (stupid thing must be broken), the sleep part has been really pretty cool.  I mean, HOW DOES IT KNOW? How does this thing that does not track my heart rate KNOW when I am sleeping or waking. But it does! It even has my alarm time down perfectly! (see? 6:32am! That’s what time my frigging alarm goes off!!)

I also want to say for the record, that I had no idea I fell asleep so quickly. I could have sworn it took me HOURS to fall asleep while the rest of the world just drifts off to the land of nod, I lay awake tossing and turning trying to find a comfy spot. But I guess not. Overall, my sleep time is pretty good, only being 3 minutes less than the recommended daily average.  WHAT AM I GOING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT IN THE MORNINGS???

As far as the rest of the features that fitbit offers its pretty cool. I highly doubt it is going ot make me lose weight. I think I need to be chained to the bumper of a car and forced into running. It does make me aware of my activity level so maybe that in itself will inspire me to move around more.


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