Get Over It!

12 Apr

Don't you LOVE my 2009 Triumph Speedmaster?

The first ride of the season for me always sucks. Yesterday I put my butt on my motorcycle  for what seemed to be the first time in forever. Last year was road construction hell in front of my work. You could literally show up to work in the morning and by the afternoon the road was completely gone. I just don’t have the faith in myself to be able to pull that kind of Evil Knievel driving so I just didn’t ride in.

This year, the gas prices suck so hard that I have made a vow to myself to ride in as MUCH AS POSSIBLE! The first hump to get over though was the first ride jitters. I usually like to take the bike out, around my block a few miles and back for the first ride of the season.  The other thing I hate is riding with my husband. I always get so worked up over it. Yesterday however, my husband was whining to ride his motorcycle. He would not accept “so go then” as an answer and wanted me to ride with him. He doesn’t get it that I do not like to ride the first ride out and to top it off, I HATE riding with HIM.  How do you tell someone that? It isn’t that I don’t want to ride with him. I actually really do, I hope we can go on road trips and really enjoy the bikes.  I think it is because I am so afraid of making a mistake that I spend so much time worrying about HOW I ride with him that it becomes dangerous and inevitably I make a mistake!

I have to get over this. So I sucked it up and I got on the bike. We got to the lights, the light changed, and I promptly stalled the bike. After that I was pretty nerved up. We rode around the block a few times and came back. I work it up in my head to suck and then it does suck. I guess if I think about it hard enough, it wasn’t as bad as I thought but not as good as I hoped.

Personally I think I am trying to get his approval, to say “wow you are the sexiest, awesomest motorcycle rider girl I have ever seen” and I want him to rip me off the bike and tear my clothes off and ravage me bent over my own motorcycle right there in the driveway… when in reality I get more of a “well looks like you need some practice with stopping and starting” and a pat on the back.



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