Lazy Ass

11 Apr

I sort of think that the only thing worse than a person who is lazy is one that doesn’t see they are lazy. You know the ones that you want to slap off the back of the head for being so damned lazy yet you know deep down inside they think they are overworked?

I think lazy people who know they can be lazy people are fine. Most of the time they will just say “nope, too lazy” or “Sorry, I am being lazy”. The people who don’t know they are lazy are the ones that you need to keep your eye on. For example, I know a person that is extremely lazy in friendships and in life. This person doesn’t come to work if they don’t feel like it and then they feel like they have a perfectly legitimate reason for not going to work or for not being a friend. Then they play the victim when you, being a friend, say Hey you know, I think you are being kind of lazy and you suck at friendships.


Maybe the word “suck” shouldn’t be used when having a heart to heart with a friend. I shall put that in my pocket and try to remember that for later.  I realize that maybe I am not the most… er… tactful at times. You have to admit though that I am honest almost to a fault so if you ask me something (and a lot of the time if you don’t ask me) I will tell you the truth.

Sadly I think the lazy shall inherit the earth. I personally am raising at least 1 lazy child despite my best efforts.



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