If you love StubHub don’t read this.

6 Apr

Lets just get this out of the way right now.

I hate StubHub. I think they suck. They have the worst customer service of any website/company that I have ever seen and they fall back on that whole “we are providing a service to you” bullshit. Listen, if I go to your website, and I enter my credit card information and I click SUBMIT on a pair of tickets the DAY they go on sale, I kind of do expect that 2 months later, you will be able to find those tickets and send them to me so I can attend the frigging concert. Maybe my expectations are out of control?

Let me tell you what happened.

February I bought seats at Chris Cornell (who is the sexiest awesomest most amazing musician ever) I got front row center mezzanine (I don’t like the crowd on the bottom level) at a tiny little venue called BERKLEE Performance Center! At the beginning of March, I get an email from StubHub saying basically WOOPSIE DAISY, we lost all of the PDF’s of tickets and we are doing the best we can to find yours but if we can’t we will find you equal tickets.



I don’t want equal tickets, I want MY front row center tickets.

So I call, live through 40 minutes of bad hold music and get a woman on the phone who assures me she will call me back and let me know after they “contact the seller”.

2 days go by

I send an email to StubHub. No response. Another. Nothing. Another.

Now we re 2 weeks away from the concert and I don’t know if my $266 seats even exist. So I call them again and sit through (no shit here) 20 minutes of hold music and prompts telling me I should consider sending an email instead. I get a girl, she says oh sorry we couldn’t find your seller but we got you second row Mezzanine. Thinking I would jump at this, she cancels my previous order and sends me the new tickets. But Wait! I don’t WANT your shit seats.

I want my seats and I don’t know why you are insisting I take your shit seats (not really shit seats but you know it’s the principal of the thing). So an hour goes by they call me and tell me “we found your seats” and they send me my tickets via email. Life is good!

Then yesterday (you bet, this story is not over) they call me and tell me “oh sorry, the seller doesn’t want to cancel the order so we are going to give you a one time credit for 200 that you can use within a year to purchase tickets through us” I was like um what? She says yeah your B seats we can’t cancel them.

But I didn’t order those seats, you tried to give me those seats to shut me up and I said no. Now you are making me pay for them? PLUS what makes you think I will ever use you guys again after the last 2 weeks of no responses, excuses and confusion?

Um… can I call you back?

Right, great idea.

Long story short, they had already mailed the new seats to me and want me to spend my time and effort sending them back to them. (not going to happen, I will refuse delivery) and they won’t be charging me for those seats (you bet your ass you won’t)

They tell me that my original seats are valid. When I asked them if I was going to get turned away after driving an hour to Boston, they told me of course not and then added this little gem:

“if you do though, you can always call customer service!”

I feel totally at ease now thanks… sigh


2 Responses to “If you love StubHub don’t read this.”

  1. cutefatgirl April 15, 2011 at 3:50 AM #

    I HATE stubhub. Two times. They both sucked. I stay away.

    • middleofthebed April 15, 2011 at 11:47 AM #

      AHA! I hoped that my post would uncover another unsatisfied customer. The end result was alot of frustration on my part AND i did get to sit in my original seats but the whole thing was such a fiasco (I mean HOW do you lose a PDF?) that I will never use them again. everrrrrrrrr.

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