Sitting back and waiting for the dam to break

5 Apr

I am still not really sure what #1 is going to do about college. I mean here is the part where she just realized that “hey wait, mom really does not have a dime to help me” and yet she still makes the decision to move forward with something that neither myself or husband feel like she really wants to do. I have attempted to have an adult conversation with her about it. Explained to her that I really do not see her using the camera. I mean if you want to go to art school to be a photographer, maybe you would think (and I could be wrong here so please let me know) that person would take a picture here or there? We’ve also tried to get her to realize just how much money she is going to be spending on this venture. You know, just to be sure she understands that when all is said and done she will have paid $144,000 for college to learn how to take pictures that she doesn’t do at all in her spare time.

I am all for trying to guide them by giving them the information and supporting them in their decision, whatever that may be. I have to say this one is very difficult for me and husband to swallow. Mostly because we both know that the only reason she is doing this is because she thinks she has to.

You see, in September, she broke down and told us (and shockingly her father and step monster) that she didn’t really know what she wanted to do and she was pretty sure that she was not ready for college. “wow what a relief” she exclaimed.

Yeah … you and me both kid.

Shockingly after the weekend spent with her father and princess expectations, she came back with a different mind set. I am ready! Lets do this! I want to be a photographer!

uh… a what? You like taking pictures? When? ok ok great. So we buy her a Canon body and lend her any lens she wants. But you know she never uses them.

#1 is a great kid. She is very immature but she never gets into any trouble and she usually does what she is told with minimal eye rolling. Really, all I want is for her happiness… no bullshit here… I know that getting into it with her father is not going to make her happy. I guess we (and you too) will have to have a few bottles of wine and wait for her to figure it out. I just hope she figures it out without too much $$$$$$ on the line.


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