1 Apr

Nobody weighed in yesterday on the haircut question. I think that means that either people don’t care what I do with my hair (which actually is a relief considering all the other shit going on in the world these days) or that nobody reads my blog (chances are good this is the reason). However, I am still not sure yet what I am going to do. I do have an appointment today at 5. I feel like one of those mothers that doesn’t have a name for the baby until she actually gives birth. You know the one that shouts out “BERTHA!” in this amazing revelation of NOW I know her and her name is Bertha ha ha ha. The best part about all of this is that my salon gives you these honking glasses of wine to drink whilst you are making important decisions about your hair. I may come out of this with a wiffle!

This morning it snowed. Well wait, that is not entirely true, it is still snowing. I was so pissed off about this reality that I refused to accept it. As I walked down the drive in my tennis shoes and spring top. I thumbed my nose at Mother Nature and her cruel April Fools joke. “HA! Take this you ignorant cow!”

Then the wind blew. The large chunks of snow that were apparently perched precariously on the branches of the large trees surrounding my house began to be SHOT at me from every direction. By the time I got to the end of the driveway I was covered and pissed off.

Touche Mother N. Touche.


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