Cut or not?

31 Mar

Ever since I can remember, I have had long hair. Every once in a while I get a “THING” and I will cut it but I will only cut it to shoulder length. My hair grows REALLY fast so that only usually lasts about 6 months and its back down to the middle of my back or so.

My hair has no style, it has no shape. Sometimes it is curly, sometimes it is frizzy, and sometimes it is straight. I never know what it is going to do on any given day. Sometimes, it will do all 3 in one day! It always looks messy unless I braid it or put it up in some way. My hair is also very thick and there is a lot of it. I mean A LOT.

One year I got so annoyed with it, I cut it in the bathroom to my shoulders with a pair of nose clippers.

This year, I have been thinking that I want to cut it. I mean really cut it. To my chin! So  I have posted what I look like so you can see that would be very dramatic. I am 40 years old in June, I have always had long hair!!

So here I am (modesty blurbs in place)

In Picture #1, You can see a typical frizzy me in the tropics. Picture #2 is a mixed day, some friz, some curl and #3 is me from behind.










So as you can see, its quite long, its quite crazy. Now let me show you the hair that I really like, which is oddly enough the cupcake girl’s hair. Its bouncy and cute. I dont know if I can do this with my hair but right now I am really trying to see if I want to!


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