Vroom Vroom

29 Mar

This is a picture borrowed from Triumph

In 2009 I decided that I wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle. At 37 years old, I researched the riding classes, motorcycles and got myself a license. (I am completely failing to mention all of the days in the parking lot husband spent with me trying to get me to shift into 2nd gear). I got myself a brand new Triumph motorcycle and began to ride.

I don’t really get to ride often due to New England weather, and road conditions. What that really means is its either raining or the road I work on has been completely torn to bits and is barely drivable with a truck let alone a motorcycle… Welcome to New England.  That being said, I did manage to get 700 miles on the bike in 2 summers with just driving my 12 mile RT commute to work.

Because of my eternal newbie status on the bike, I really wouldn’t call myself the best rider. I try to be safe, I am overly cautious and just recently started to trust the motorcycle to do what I think it can do. I am in full gear, no matter the weather, which means I have a helmet on, jeans, my heavy and armored leather. Put this together with a really large back pack and then stick it on on top of a shiny black motorcycle and sprinkle some 90 degree sunny weather and you have basically got a human riding a baked potato. That is HOT my friends.

One sunny summer afternoon, I had ridden my bike to the town hall to register all my vehicles on my lunch break. I was in full gear including heavy leather. I made it safely to town hall, done my chores and then came out and started to prepare for my departure. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am very sensitive to hot weather and have been known to drop out cold due to heat exhaustion, so it was no surprise to me when I started to feel those ‘tell tale signs’ of faint while preparing to leave. I had to make a decision to take off my hot heavy leather jacket and put it in the backpack to ride home that way. I was still wearing the helmet of course but I was afraid that if I did not take off the jacket, I may pass out, which would be even more dangerous than if I didn’t wear it at all. Under it, I was wearing jeans and a low cut v-neck t shirt from Old Navy or The Gap, it was loose and thin so I figured that it would keep me cool.

I geared up minus the jacket and headed back to the office to finish my day. About halfway there I finally started to feel some relief from the heat and relaxed into my ride.

Sometimes you will get a reaction from people while on a bike. First, if they figure out you are a woman on a big black motorcycle the hillbilly boys around here will beep and make a scene. Normally they can’t tell because of my gear unless I am wearing my fingerless gloves and I have my nails painted or something. This day it was evident I was a girl (Boobs) and there were more people than normal beeping and waving. I really couldn’t figure out why I just continued riding. When I stopped at the light near my office, I was readjusting myself and I glanced down. THAT is when I realized that at some point the breeze had grabbed my tshirt and pulled it down so low that it got caught UNDER my bra and I had been riding bra out for God only knows how long!!

Thankfully I did have the helmet on so I can deny it if anyone recognized me ha ha ha


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