Grumpy Rant.

27 Mar

image As I watched #1 walk out of the house this morning in her little referee outfit; it started me thinking what my regular daily life would be if I had a little referee following me around. Like today for example, would I get a yellow flag for lazy? Would husband get a 5 minute major for excessive grumpiness? Lets take that further, lets add a score card to the mix. Would it be a daily tally? Would there be a super bowl or a Stanley cup?? If so, who would win?

I’ve got to tell you around this house lately there are a lot of grumpy jerky people lately and I just cannot figure out why. I mean lets face it, we do not live like kings, but we certainly do not live like paupers. We have no debt with the exception of our toys and we make ok money for a living. Nothing to be snotty about but currently we are doing really OKAY. So why are we so grouchy with each other?

I am not an angel, I also have my grouchy moments. I am just wondering when it became ok that because you have a headache you can treat the people who love you like they are the enemy. God forbid #1 has to work 8 hours in one day, then she is an asshole for the whole day prior. Personally I think that we all need to stop being so selfish and childish and start realizing what is good in this world and appreciating every moment we have together.

I am not really sure why it is so hard for people to realize what they have, especially with all that is going on in this world lately.  Look at Japan, I actually saw a woman standing on top of her house, watching her life wash away with a tsunami, smiling. What did she have to smile about? Maybe all of her family members were also on that roof with her. She had a moment where she realized she needed to be thankful.

I am not sure what the answer is, maybe we all need to have a lot more sex. I will try to remember that woman standing on her roof and be loving next time I come home and nobody has put the dishes in the dishwasher.


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