Everybody Poops

25 Mar

Because I enjoy riding my motorcycle in the spring and summer, a few years ago I changed my work hours from 8:30-5:30 to 7:30-4:30. Mostly because I wanted to skip feeling like the fox in a fox hunt.  Occasionally I have to stay later so I will just adjust my morning hours to accommodate this and then I will do what I have to do and go home a bit later than normal. Normally, when I get to work I get in, grab my diet coke or green tea depending on the temperature of the office. I turn the office heat on (first one here gets to do this), I will eat my high fiber cereal, check my calendar, catch up on blog reading from all you great folks, twitter a bit and when the feeling arises (like right now btw) I get up and use the rest room. (Helloooo high fiber cereal, what do you think I am an alien?).

Yesterday I got in at my normal time, (usually around 7:10) and started my morning ritual.  Only yesterday I did it in the wrong order. Yesterday I started with the blogs, got myself all caught up while eating my high fiber cereal (this is relevant trust me) and then, at about 7:55 I figure “oh I should check out my calendar”.

Only yesterday it was all wrong.

Yesterday my assistant had booked me for an 8am with a client via webinar. EIGHT AM TO ELEVEN AM! THIS IS INSANE!! WHAT WAS SHE THINKING???? SO I grab my headset, my green tea, my Droid, and ran off to the conference room with great energy.  I made the meeting, this is good trust me, yet there was something I was forgetting.


That’s right.

My morning ritual was not yet complete.

Now I am in a meeting, webinar, with a client for 3 hours. With my green tea and my high fiber cereal swirling around in my belly. It was ok at first, and then the noise started. The rumble, the shift… then the sweat starts.

You know I looked like a throw back from Along Came Polly.

I will spare you the details, but I will say this. I had to “pause” the meeting and tell them that because I am team lead I had to run and put out a fire. It all worked out in the end (ha pun) but it was a close call.


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