23 Mar

Photo borrowed from Fox News

Photo borrowed from Fox News

If you have read a few of my entries, you may have noticed that I blog like 2 people. I have the main voice, or the announcer which is the voice that tells the story. Then I have the wisecracking voice who has an opinion but doesnt really want to tell the story. This voice appears in parenthesis.   I am a big fan of the wisecracking voice. I think she (assuming she is a she omg there she is) is really the more like me than the other me, who is the main voice. (being crazy is exhausting). I often wonder if my blog entries are just too crazy for people to really get into because of the wisecracking voice but to be honest I also don’t feel like you would have the entire story without her!

The wisecracking voice has learned in the past 7 years to be quiet and not operate the mouth for the most part. Sometimes she sneaks out and will say something that will inevitably get me in trouble with my husband or she will yell out at work, which is very dangerous if you ask me. The story telling voice can be very boring so meeting me (sober) may actually not be as fun as people may originally have thought. Sure fire ways to get rid of story teller and bring out the wise cracker are as follows:

  1. add alcohol. Wise cracker is a huge drunk. She enjoys beer mostly but wine will bring her out as well.
  2. Add an extremely uncomfortable situation. For example, a funeral, car accident, life or death situations. Those usually bring out wise cracker much to husband’s dismay.
  3. Catch me really really late, or really really early. Story teller tends to go to bed really early and wake up really late so anything in between is all wise cracker.
  4. Blogging. Wisecracker has a very hard time shutting up while blogging.

As you can see, I take both of these women seriously. They are both part of me and should be loved accordingly. Do you have different personalities that you see come out while doing something other than work? (because lets face it work is work and its no fun so everyone has a work personality and he/she is usually really boring.)


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