DC Cupcakes you suck alot.

22 Mar

Ok so here it is. In my infinite cupcake enthusiasm, I have now begun to watch all things cupcake. I really like cupcake wars because those people have to basically make some delicious cupcakes out of crap sometimes and it’s fun to watch them freak out. I also like the cupcake girls because they seem to me like they are real, and they are Canadian eh? But last night I sat down to watch another show that I had not yet watched. I really thought I would enjoy it since all things cupcake has been extremely entertaining to me lately. But much to my shock and dismay by the time I got half way through the 22 minute (or so) episode, not only was I unhappy with this show, I was rather pissed off at their stupidity.

Ok so DC Cupcakes. Seriously TLC what the hell are you thinking with this one? Were you just trying to jump onto the cupcake bandwagon with the first thing that came into your office? This show is ridiculous. The women on there (who btw are grown women) are the flakiest annoying women I have ever seen. The episode I was watching this dude comes in and says he would love for them to make a cupcake dress. So the blond one is like sure yeah we can do that even when he says “it needs to be wearable”. She is all nodding doe-eyed “yeah sure”.

I am yelling at the TV at this point thinking YOU CANNOT WEAR CUPCAKES IT WILL NEVER WORK!! They did not listen to me.

IN the end, the cupcake dress was not wearable (duh) and despite the stress, freaking out and multiple references to Mommy, who btw is useless to them, all works out and life goes on happy shmappy. Except with me. I am left feeling screwed by the cupcake goddess. Led through this completely pointless television show I am left with questions other than WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME TLC?

Here they are in no special order:

  • What the hell is a signature swirl. I watched you people put the cupcake frosting on the cupcake. I see nothing fantastic about your swirl other than it looks suspiciously like a steaming pile of dung (with a flower on top).
  • How are 2 such unintelligent women still running a business?
  • What happens to the displays. I noticed that nobody ate the dress. You had low fat cupcakes (hello oxymoron) passed out at the fashion show. Are you seriously wasting food? Give the dress to the homeless you cows.
  • Why does the brunette sister totally allow the blond and less capable sister make decisions?

As you can see, I am now going to be a regular watcher of DC CUPCAKES because I am a glutton for punishment. I am sure I will have plenty more to say about these two in the future. There is a link on the TLC STORE Website that brings you to an area where you can order actual cupcakes from them. I should do it because I feel like I need to know why there is a line all the way around their block, except I can’t because I refuse to pay $40 for a dozen cupcakes. For $40 they need to be guaranteed orgasms in every cupcake.


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