Princess Cupcake

21 Mar

I think every year I go through a baking phase. It must be the nesting winter stuff. Not sure. I used to blame it on something bad that had happened, or the “d” word (shh we don’t say that word or it makes me eat Cadbury Mini Eggs) I do know that every day when I put the TV on, there is another freaking show about cupcakes. This has really fueled my cupcake love, really though why wouldn’t you love a cupcake. What is not to love?

Seriously, cupcakes are like the perfect little food.

They are perfectly sized so that you do not eat too much and get that “Can’t believe I ate the whole thing” feeling (unless you eat multiple cupcakes and then I cannot help you really). They are frosted in pretty colors so they are attractive to look at (they draw you in) and they have a neat little wrapper built right into the cake! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Side note: I am starting to question whether or not I have lost my mind just a little bit though. I squeal when I see something cupcake in a store on on TV. I think about cupcakes alot. Is that not normal?

Anyway, believe it or not, there is actually a limit to the whole cupcake thing. I may in fact be reaching this supposed limit with my family. Is there a possibility that you can actually get sick of cupcakes? I have been put on restriction by the husband. I am being told that I am only allowed to make enough for everyone to have 1 and then I have to take the rest to work. Something about high cholesterol and gaining weight. Whatever! Because of this horrible restriction that has been placed on my poor baking butt, I now have to think of a way around it. Try to find healthy cupcakes, lower fat options etc.

This post is not about a low fat cupcake. This post is about my Cupcake OCD uhh carrot cake and bonding with my dear child #2 who has recently developed an interest in cooking and may actually want to pursue this as a career choice.What kind of a mother would I be if I denied him of this chance to bake with his deer old mother? Right? Thats what *I* said too! So i came home from work, took out all of the cupcake fixings bowls and  accoutrement and we grated a bag of organic carrots with #2. With some fuss and very little stress we found ourselves 22 gorgeous cupcakes and cream cheese frosting.

Sadly, I was watched and had to pack up 18 of them for work (sorry work people).

Despite how pointless this may seem, it is a brief look into a moment of my life 😉


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