Sure let’s do that!

18 Mar


Normally I really dig weekends but sometimes I really eff myself out of a pleasant one. I really do. I have a big mouth and I volunteer to do things. Oh sure I can do that. Oh what fun that will be count me in! I say these things BEFORE I realize that they are all on the same weekend. Then I find myself breathing into a bag with a copy of my weekend calendar trying to squeeze and shove everything around so that I not only have time to make everyone happy but also can find a few minutes to poop and/or get my larger-sized bottom to the gym (both things cannot be accomplished in a weekend with a schedule such as mine).

I think it is because I am Italian and therefore I have guilt. This guilt keeps me from disappointing anyone and in the process of non-disappointingness (it’s a word shut up), I end up on zanny’s and an IV. WEE!

SO I find myself celebrating this one’s birthday, driving with husband to pick up an item from craigslist an hour away that I said I really wanted like 2 years ago, going to the grocery store (in my family that is an Olympic event), going to a dog show that is by the way 3 hours from here so round trip plus the show it will be at least 8 hours and BTW did I mention the overgrown hyperactive puppy that I volunteered to bring with me… and MAYBE having a moment to myself which is desired but not required…

That being said, I have exactly 61 minutes to finish my work here and rush out to start task #1, which also (thankfully) involves large quantities of alcoholic beverages.


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