Oh how I hate thee

17 Mar

Its not politically correct to hate anyone is it? Thankfully I can be politically incorrect when hiding behind an incognito blog out here in the blogosphere. *rubs hands together* where do I start? I could start with the jackass that cut me off in this Audi. Lets get this straight Mr. Audi Dick Head,  (Capitalized because it is in fact a proper name when he is the king of all Audi Dick Heads) driving an Audi in no way exempts you from the responsibility of the directional. You must use your directional. Being from Massachusetts also, does not exempt you. Neither does your cell phone.

Now lets move to friends who change long standing plans the last minute shall we? Listen, we had these long standing plans because some of us do not do spontaneous well. Some of us actually SUCK at spontaneity. Myself and my husband being just 2 of the group that suck at this. We made these plans WEEKS ago to avoid any strife in this area because let me tell you, I don’t enjoy trying to talk husband down from the bell tower when things do not go the way they were supposed to go! So, great, glad you found this really great place and glad you want to do it Thursday instead, but guess what? Thursday ain’t gonna fly homegirl. 🙂

Ha ha ha well don’t I just sound angry and bitter. I am not.


2 Responses to “Oh how I hate thee”

  1. Angela Beal March 22, 2011 at 1:45 PM #

    This made me laugh b/c I would be that girl causing your husband to fly to the bell tower. Great blog!

    • middleofthebed March 22, 2011 at 2:29 PM #

      LOL i have had to learn to curb my Plan B attitude. He is definitely a Plan A person and if Plan A doesn’t work (It usually works because he plans it so well), he falls apart. That is when I get to SWOOP in and be the hero and fix it with my Plan B.

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