Ohhh Nasty Parent/College Rant

15 Mar

What is it about college and parents that makes a teenager (child) feel like they have to go even if that is not really what they want to do with their lives?

I tell ya, #1 has been struggling with this whole concept for such a long time. I keep telling her that I am totally cool with whatever she decides (remember, I am the coolest mom on the planet). I keep telling her that I will support her and help her make the right decision regarding college but I will NOT in any way shape or form do the work for her. This includes (but is not limited to) telling her father and the step-monkey that this is her plans.  You see? Pretty simple really.

Except it’s never simple with #1, or the step-monkey (to be called SM from now on). SM is perfect, has her Coach purses, perfect career in a high powered office where she travels all over the world to do her job. Personally I think she is miserable, tired and over weight from never eating food that is good for her. Great, that’s the life! Definitely an example for #1 and for #2 to follow. Her father is a lazy ass and I am not just saying that because I was once married to him. He is in fact a certified lazy person, BUT he thinks she should go to college. Husband and I are supportive for the college endeavor but do not feel that it is a necessary evil in order to be a successful human.

The end result is this: disappoint the cool parents and do something you don’t really want to do to make the mean parents happy. Spend $40,000 a year doing this and because you are doing something that you don’t really want to do? Be an asshole the whole time. OH and dont forget, you should go to Art School because its a prestigious school even though the only time we have ever seen you do art was for the application process.

That being said, guess who picks up the pieces when this all falls apart?

Neat! how fun!


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