Rare Historical Moment

14 Mar

Every story has its beginning and end. Deciding where to begin this story has been a little confusing. I supposed I will have to go back quite far, back to my early 20’s, or the early 1990’s to get it done correctly.

I wouldn’t be able to go back any farther than that though because most of the late 80′s are a blur. I am not sure if that is from alcohol/drug use or maybe it’s just too damned far back for any person to remember. Either way I’ve got to start somewhere and so I choose the summer of 1992. I was working my first “real” job after failing miserably out of college. I was still living with my parents, but I had a job in Boston where I had to take the train every morning and commute with the masses. For some reason, this job made me feel like a real human but to be honest with you, I never really knew what my job was and I do not think I accomplished any real work the whole time I was there.

It was a position of collections in a company that did screen printing and gifty bags and stuff. Like the “40 years old” gift bags and balloons. That is the type of crap they sold to hallmark stores and stuff. I don’t think this company even exists anymore but it was staffed mostly of mid 30′s and under people. It was a cool and happening place to be. Our summer picnic was a blow out keg party on the cape with a rock band an lobsters. I was having a ball at work and at play. I had just turned 21, I was legal, and I was taking FULL advantage of my new Boston location and my ‘hip’ friends (i.e. I was drunk constantly). I was dating this new agey freak guy who lived in a South Boston rooming house and swore he could heal headaches with his hands. What he could and could not do with his hands suddenly no longer was the main focus as I rushed out of his room and headed on the highway at a high rate of speed home before my mother had a fit that I was home after 3am… again.

-whats funny about this is that now when you speak to my mother she remembers me as this easy to deal with person who never gets in trouble.  Senility is my friend!

In my hurry, I failed to recognize a state police car and got pulled over for going 97 mph on the highway. For a 21 year old kid, a $350 speeding ticket is no easy thing to deal with so I quickly phoned my sister (who had a convenient store that sold coffee and donuts to local police officers) and she got on the ball to fixing my ticket. Which she did, successfully… but there was a catch….

I had to go out to dinner with the cop that was fixing the ticket, and he was old… er… older.

You know this story could get incredibly boring, the long and short of it was, he fixed my ticket, took me out for dinner at TGI Friday’s and we kinda just started drinking together that summer. One thing led to another, and the very unlikely couple got pregnant and then got married.

In. That. Order.

Somehow I found myself at 21 years old, pregnant with a 30 year old husband who I did not particularly enjoy sober. Who would have guessed it?

Well, it’s officially 7:30am and time for me to shift my focus on my PAYING gig. SO we will have to talk more about this and other things later


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